Homeschooling Coordinator Runs Off with Our Kids' Acceptance Letters

I kid you not. This actually happened.

The Homeschooling Coordinator's office received our children's specialized high school acceptance letters around Thursday of last week. And then, our coordinator TOOK THAT PAPERWORK HOME WITH HER. And guess what should happen after she took said paperwork home?

A Life-Changing Event. She becomes a grandmother.

Our coordinator has not shown up at the office since.

One homeschooling parent bothered to show up to the DoE office yesterday, and the DoE Homeschooling Assistant took her out of the waiting room and into the conference room -- so that the parent could yell at her there (the Homeschooling Assistant didn't want to be embarrassed in front of the other parents in the waiting room). "I keep telling OC not to take the paperwork home with her," said the assistant.

When will our Homeschooling Coordinator return? Will our kids be able to accept their acceptances on time?

And...Federico Fellini, where are you when we need you to roll the film?


Manda said...

Dude, that bites.

Heidi said...

Can you call any of the schools directly?

This whole process is so foreign to me.

liz said...


First I wanted to say, "See what happens when you get your kid involved with the school system?"

But then I remembered that you're going through this because you took your kid OUT of the school system.

Therefore, the moral of the story seems to be:


I hope you get your letter soon!!!!