If you ask me...

...hype counts for a lot in New York City. You could have the absolute worst restaurant in the world do exceedingly well in New York City if you create a buzz about it.

What? Don't New Yorkers have common sense to know better between hype and good food?

In a word -- no.

Yesterday, I was minding my own business at the Union Square Farmer's Market when I noticed the pretzel line at Martins Pretzels was longer than usual. I noticed the Zagat review posted right on the stand. A colleague at work swore these were the best pretzels "anywhere." So I decided to buy a bag.

I got half a bag of burnt pretzels, with a smattering of salt somewhere in the bag, and pretzels so devoid of flavor, even Napoleon was hesitant to go near one.

Yeah, it's great that the Mennonite women who make them sing hymns while rolling the dough...erm, I guess I have holy pretzels (okay: this is true. the pretzels have aire holes in them.) I am now severely suspicious of the Mennonite tastebud. There must be a gene lacking somewhere.

I should have known better than to be sucked in by hype. I will stick to food that actually has flavor.

PS - LaMai LOVES the Mud truck. Its hype began organically, but it has not beat that of the big green monster's. Check out the shameless Mudpromotion on the image.

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