Our Specialized High School answer.

To get into 9th grade, your SSHSAT score must be 478.

To get into 10th grade, your SSHSAT score must be 494.

There are approximately >15 Tenth Grade spots at each specialized high school available -- with over 2,000 students competing for those >15 spots.

A did not get in to Bronx Science or Stuyvesant.

He did not win a spot at the "Fame" School (which had >5 spots available in the studios to which he applied - hundreds of kids auditioned for these >5 spots).

We are okay with these results.

None of the above-mentioned schools are schools that A actually liked (which may have been a factor in his performance?)


Anonymous said...

Which schools does that leave and when will you know about them?

la Maitresse said...

That leaves us with public high school/early college, and another arts-oriented school.

Private day school acceptances are mailed out today.

Boarding school acceptances are mailed out 3/10.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, Public high school/early college is the one you really wanted anyway. I'm so glad I don't have to go through all that. We're just adding in community college to co-op and tutors and calling it high school.

la Maitresse said...

Isn't community college great? Me and A talked about possibly being accepted by phs/ec -- he could finish college by age 19.

THAT would be awesome.

Also, A's 8th Grade friend and fellow homeschooler, got into Bronx Science. I congratulated his family -- although the student is not excited about the size of the school. It's a great school, though.