LaMai's Film Picks

In theaters:

Little Miss Sunshine (Inappropriate for young kids, some families. Adult content and humor. Toni Collette is brilliant, again, as another "blah" character)

Night at the Museum

Pan's Labrynth - (mature teens only should go. Very violent scenes coupled with fairytale elements)

The Queen (Helen Mirren, what else needs to be said? However, very young kids run the risk of absolute boredom with this one)


Sherrybaby - (very mature, adult content; I wouldn't let A watch this one, which should tell you something). I cannot rave enough about Maggie Gyllenhaal's performance in this film.

Little Miss Sunshine - on DVD, and in theaters. You get to pick the format you want.

Lady in the Water (I normally don't like M. Night's films; he may have redeemed himself with this one).

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