Waiting for Acceptance-ot

A: I didn't feel comfortable taking that [SSHSAT] test. The place where they held it was so depressing.
Me: I know, hon. Some public schools can be very depressing.
A: I didn't like The Fame school, either.
Me: I'll have to agree with you there.

The Fame school reminded me of a trip I made to Soviet Russia in 1991. There was a Soviet government building that looked just like it.

Me [daydreaming]: But phs/ec doesn't look that great inside, either. Maybe we can get Frank Gehry to make some changes like he did for its parent college?

I see phone calls to Mr. Gehry and a fundraiser on the horizon.

Me: Hello? Is this Frank Gehry?
FG: Yes?
Me: Hi. This is LaMai. And I have a small request. Could you make a public school in New York City -- an affiliate of that school on the Hudson that you worked on about four years ago -- look like that building you did in Bilbao, Spain? We'll need lots of windows, open spaces, and maybe an indoor pool -- you know, a little Disney, a little DG Bank atrium...with a Spanish accent?
FG: Sure. When would you need this by? I only work on so many pro bono cases, you know...

Private school acceptances are out. Fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem that far-fetched to talk to Botstein about that!