The truth. (this post is rated R-ish)

A thinks going to boarding school would be fun.

It's a romantic idea, boarding school -- a society of your peers, who share your same age, where you are free to be you, no parents, surrounded by things you like to do, when you want to do them. Think, Harry Potter.

My boarding school experience consisted of stories of yore of boys at my school being sexually assaulted, molested. Of boys doing things in the classrooms in the off-hours. As a girl, this news did not affect me. But I have a son now. Okay, maybe he's almost six feet tall. But still.

This morning, a colleague at work told me he went to the Fayest Boarding School Ever and gave me tidbits about how most of the masters/professors are "so fay" and cause problems for you if you don't spend personal time with them.

I think this is rubbish, and anyway, gay men and pedophiles are not one and the same.

Then, I want A to have the best opportunities ever -- academically and socially (think: career connections). But I would also see a little bit of A disappear in a boarding school set-up.

And yet, we haven't a single acceptance on the table, and I am here worrying about choices.

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