Make it stop.

I got this in my email inbox this morning from the Private Ecole Consultant:

Dear PEC,

As you already know, we're so thrilled to learn our precious Sarabella was accepted by one of the best K-12 schools in the country -- Bucolic Campus School! As you said, the lunar Year of The Pig might really be the year of good fortune ! On the other hand, we can't thank you enough for your advice and help along the way, without which we could not have even imagined a day like this would come. I think you have done a fantastic job and we'd recommend your service without any hesitation to other parents out there who would sell their arms or legs to get their children into a top private school in the area.

PEC, you made our dream a reality !

Best regards,

Happy Parents
(and precious Sarabella)


Manda said...

Gag me.

Anonymous said...

PEC probably wrote the thing herself.