Hits and Misses


From the Agency Director:

Hi Ms. LaMai,

As per our conversation yesterday evening and your e-mail, A’s application has been e-mailed to the Director of Admissions at Bucolic Campus School.

Have a great weekend!


Agency Director

This email made me happy, but I am wondering if Bucolic Campus School received it too late? Their decisions go out next week. In fact, ALL decisions from the private schools go out on February 14.


We received the full list of referrals to boarding schools from the Agency. One referral is a school out in the boonies in Pennsylvania. It is an all-boys' school, where the student population is largely boys from single-parent homes. All the boys receive full financial aid. The education style is modeled after the military. And they used to have a farm with hogs, in which all boys had to work -- and from which the school sustained itself from the sale of the farm pork.



It turns out that ALL public school kids who have taken the SSHSATs already have been notified of where they're going next fall. Our homeschooling coordinator really needs to catch up with her paperwork and tell us where our kids have been accepted!

This is also a time where some parents will tell me, "Oh yes, Martina is a genius, she'll have no problem getting into Stuyvesant or Bronx Science." At which point I want to say, "Martina is a genius, but she may not test well. We shall see."

This week is going to be a very big "hit" and "miss" week. We will likely get rejection letters. Maybe an acceptance letter. But from which schools?

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